"Share Me"- A Monegasque Start-Up!

This social network, an ongoing project focusing on sustainable shopping, seeks to put consumer groups and producers in contact with each other, with no intermediaries

The start-up "Share Me" was founded with the guiding principle of promoting the idea of "terroir" – the characteristics of the local region - and preserving its heritage.  It is supported by Michelin-starred chef Paolo Sari, who uses only organic products, and is a showcase for innovative technological ideas, combining a social network with online shopping.

"Share Me" is a turnkey tool for the users, who have a space where they can exchange ideas and advise others in the same geographical area. 

The aim can be summarised in three points:
- To simplify and develop local, responsible consumption
- To promote local shopping on line
- To recreate the life of the neighbourhood through social interaction (neighbours and associations helping each other)

For more information, and to support "Share Me":

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