Monuments & Musées

Monaco proudly bears the standard of dreams and glamour around the world but it is, above all, a tourist destination with a remarkable heritage and an outstanding wealth and variety of sites, museums and excursions.
The Salle Belle Epoque & Salle Eiffel - Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo
Listed as a historic monument, the Salle Belle Époque is a unique place in the world.
Steeped in history, it opens onto a very beautiful terrace overlooking the port.
The hotel also has many modular meeting rooms and prestigious banquet space.

- 14 meeting rooms, up to 340 people.
- Belle Epoque 430m2 room that can accommodate 300 people in a dinner configuration.
- The Eiffel room, 310m2 that can accommodate up to 310 people in meeting configuration.
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